Kitchen Accessories

turns your kitchen into an experience

Kitchen fashion

Professional utensils, storage solutions, serving utensils and useful tools for the center of our home – of high quality and finish and in a wide variety of designs.  Our selection of items turns your kitchen into an experience.

Table Utensils

It has been scientifically proved that the eye affects taste! The utensils we eat from have a significant role in the culinary experience.  Maly’s brings you china sets, cutlery, and serving utensils from the leading firms in the world.

Pots and Pans

The use of appropriate, high-quality pots and pans makes the food tastier, not to mention making cooking into a pure pleasure. At Maly’s you will find a wide variety of pots and pans, appropriate for induction stoves as well, along with a wide variety of kitchen tools.


Ease of use in the kitchen is the recipe. Maly’s features a wide variety of gadgets which make the cooking experience easy and efficient.


Kitchen towels, tablecloths, placemats and coasters help you upgrade the eating area and add style and color.

Electric Products

A combination of advanced technology and exceptional design.